Q: Can I place a notice to the tenant on the door?

A: Except for a 24 hr notice to enter, notices cannot be placed on the door.

Q: Can I change the locks?

A: Yes, but only if you provide the tenant with a new key.

Q: Can I evict a tenant after I receive an Order from the Board and the tenant fails to pay and then fails to vacate?

A: No, only the Sheriff can evict a tenant in accordance with an Order from the Board.

Q: If I put a clause in my lease forbidding pets, can it be enforced?

A: The RTA does not allow such a clause. Therefore, it cannot be enforced unless the unit is in a condo and the bylaws forbid pets.

Q: Can a tenant withhold rent?

A: There is no section in the RTA that allows a tenant to withhold rent.

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